Quarantine Newsletter 1

Monday 6th April 2020

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Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all coping with the enforced quarantine. A great chance to catch up with all sorts of jobs, reading, learning a new skill, keeping Amazon delivery drivers busy, etc, etc! All my family are well, and especially my Dad in Australia who has just had the all clear from bladder cancer!

I have also taken the chance to catch up with some household jobs including replacing fence panels and floorboards with the help of my better half Simon. He went back to his house in Portsmouth over a week ago (he was staying with me when we went into lockdown) as we both had lots to do in our own houses. We are managing Tango lessons online with a chair as our partner!! WhatsApp video chat is amazing and we have picked up using that to keep in touch like we did when I was in Australia! I am having coffee dates with friends via WhatsApp video, and Simon and I are having drinks with friends too via WhatsApp video group chat  – it’s great, because you don’t have to decide who is going to be the designated driver!! My daughter Nickie is working from home, and I am fitting my Zoom classes, etc around her work breaks as I am ‘Zooming’ from beside the kitchen!

I am starting Zoom classes this week. Let me know if you want to join but I haven’t included you. I have so many lists, and I am rather tangled up with stretchbands and buried under CD’s! I will post them out tomorrow (Tuesday).

Cushions and Mats have been ordered but there’s a delay of 10 days! The UK is so keen to get fit whilst in ‘Lockdown’ that the company has been overwhelmed with orders! It won’t last! Like the exercise bike that is used as a clothes horse a month after it was bought ( usually by February after the New Years resolutions….!)

I will email you a day or so before, to make sure you will be in (!!) and let you know when I will hand deliver them to your doorstep. I will ring the bell and run away ( it’ll be like being 6 years old all over again!)

The Zoom classes  timetable is:

Monday 10.30

Monday 2pm

Tuesday 10am

Tuesday 11.30am

Tuesday 2.30pm

I have assigned you to a particular classes according to the class level that you normally attend. There is a limit on numbers per class too.

I will offer a ‘Quiet Zone’ class too with hand massage and relaxation occasionally on Zoom.  It will be free and open to everyone, there need be no limit on numbers attending. I will email details to everyone when one is scheduled.

WhatsApp groups are flourishing. There is a general WhatsApp group, and several class groups. Let me know if you would like to be invited into a class group for your class and I will set one up for you. I am also on Facebook, and I can invite you to join this private group if you wish. I do not allow anyone to post onto the page, only updates from myself and other appropriate organisations.

Individual sessions can be done, via WhatsApp or Zoom , too so let me know if you are interested. I will book an ‘appointment’ directly with you.

Keep in touch, take care,

stay well                                                                                           Virtual hugs,                                                                          Jenny xx