What is Body Control Pilates?

Body Control Pilates teaches the principles of Pilates, and develops the exercises gradually through a step by step method. The deep postural muscles are located and activated, with the body in a good alignment (position). The exercises start at a low level of challenge and, according to ability, increase and …

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For me, Pilates is about movement. Natural, flowing, co-ordinated, balanced and mindful…….

The body’s ability to move is taken for granted, only pain and inability makes us realise that usually our body just tries to keep up with our head and the brain is too busy to take much notice!


Performing Pilates based movement enables the body to be ‘seen’, to be checked, to be balanced and nurtured.

Increased body awareness and appreciation for how movement occurs is a vital part of the practice.

Conscious movement

The practice of conscious movement enables automatic movement patterns become more co-ordinated, efficient and therefore respectful of the body’s abilities and deficiencies.

Pilates Teacher

Jenny Strudwick

I qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist (MCSP) in 1982, and have worked extensively in the specialised area of musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

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“I started Pilates a year ago. What a difference in my body awareness, stability and flexibility in that time! Jenny is a fantastic teacher, very knowledgeable and gives brilliant explanations. Classes are small so Jenny can monitor all clients, almost like a personal session but with the fun of a group. There’s lots of laughter, and I come away feeling both relaxed and invigorated

Jenny’s Pilates classes have been a tremendous help in building up muscle strength and balance following my hip operation. Jenny’s extensive experience in the Health Service together with her bubbly personality and sense of humour make her an excellent teacher. 

what a huge difference Pilates made to my recovery following a hip replacement operation. I only missed one week of being in class and was able to dance again after five week’s recovery. Thank you Jenny for making the classes so enjoyable!”

News & Events

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15 Jan

Coronavirus Update 2022

Zoom classes continue. Individual appointments can be made for assessment or introduction to Pilates. Physical classes may resume, dependant on Covid risks, in due course.

03 Jun

June 2nd 2020

Classes will continue on Zoom, further Podcasts and CD’s may be available on request. Weekly Newsletter are being emailed to all clients. Weekly Standing exercises are posted on WhatsApp to those in JSPilates WhatsApp groups. Pleas email, text or ring for further info. No new clients can join at present.

16 Mar

Covid 19/Coronavirus update 2020

The situation is changing rapidly so please check for text messages and emails from me before setting off for class. If you feel that you want to stop attending at this present time, please let me know. I will continue to provide classes until it becomes untenable. I am looking …

The Main Reasons to Practice Pilates

Body tone and flexibility

Instead of lifting heavy weights in the gym, your body will be naturally toned through Pilates as the only weight you have to lift is your own body. Adding muscles to your body will also increase your metabolism which, then again, burns some extra calories for you!

Complete body exercise

Carrying out Pilates exercises, you can be sure that you are training all parts of your body. Unlike other work-outs, Pilates does not overdo one part of your body while neglecting others. That’s why it’s so popular amongst fitness beginners as well as professional athletes.

Recover from injuries

Unlike other exercise, Pilates is very gentle on your joints and the movements are low stress on the back. Therefore, it is the perfect exercise for anyone who wants to recover from injuries and would like to get fit in a safe and healthy way.

Better posture

Pilates focuses on improving your core strength which is the main foundation for a healthy and elegant posture. Bonus effect: it also stretches your muscles which will make you look a few inches taller!

Body and mind

With complete coordination of body, mind and spirit, you practice Pilates with full attention. What does that mean you think? Well, the exercises are designed to unite your body and mind through its six Pilates principles: Breath, centring, coordination, concentration, precision, control and flow.

Decreases stress levels & boosts your energy

Pilates gets the circulation and the breath moving while spine exercises increase the blood flow. This way, your body will be provided with more oxygen while getting rid of bad air. As a result, your stress levels will decrease and you will feel energised and full of power all day long. Another great benefit: releasing stress hormones will help you sleep better at night!